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About us

Our Passion For God

We are a people who are passionately pursuing God through prayer, praise and worship. We are unashamed God-seekers who know we can’t do anything without His presence and grace. We refuse to be complacent, indifferent or compromising in the expression of love for God in praise and worship. We refuse to settle for status quo of religion or previous experiences because we believe He has so much more for His people. We will never stop reaching for more of God.


Our Passion For People

We exist as a church to reach as many people as possible with the life-transforming power of God’s love and Kingdom. Everything we do as a church, every program, every service and event, and every dollar spent will always be for the purpose of winning souls, and helping them find their eternal purpose.


We will never grow tired, indifferent or uninterested in our core value of reaching out to the lost, least and last. Christ died for a lost world and we live with an unquenchable passion to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom to as many people and nations as we can, with as many resources that we have.


Our mission is:

To REACH out to all people and nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God,


To TRAIN, equip and empower believers by God’s word, to grow in Christ-likeness and find and fulfill their kingdom destiny.


To SEND an army of ambassadors into the 7 mountains of cul-ture as agents of kingdom transformation.

our pastors:

Tim and Stephanie McDonald believe very strongly in the work that God is doing, and the revival that God is bringing to the nations and our land. Tim has a passion for evangelism through healing, signs, wonders and miracles. He has a strong pastoral gifting, and has a heart to see relationship return to a vital function in the body of Christ.

Tim and Stephanie believe in the power of God, the passion and sacrifice of Christ, and the continuing work of the Holy Spirit, they are dedicated to seeing lives changed, and a culture sustainable revival.

Before coming to CFTN Payson Tim and Stephanie served as Lead pastors at the River in Yuma, Arizona. They have a heart for the local church and are anointed worshipers. They bring an atmosphere of the importance of worship.

Tim and Stephanie McDonald

Payson Campus Pastors

Dr. Michael and Mary Maiden

Dr. Michael Maiden is the lead pastor along with Pastor Mary, his beloved wife for over 30 years. He strongly and lovingly prepares God’s people for service in God’s Kingdom. The messages are always relevant, timely and life-changing as well as prophetic. Dr. Maiden has earned both a Masters and Doctorate Degree in Christian Psychology.


He has authored seven books including: "The Joshua Generation: God’s Manifesto for the End Time Church", and is presently working on another which speaks to this present generation about the next step to be taken. In addition to his work in the local church, he is a strong prophetic voice to this generation and has ministered to those holding Public Offices as well as Pastors and Ministers throughout the world. He serves as president of  Church On The Rock International – a dynamic ministry that oversees 6,000 plus churches worldwide. He is also on the board of Fishers of Men International, the Jewish Voice International and several local churches.

Lead Pastor // Church For The Nations

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